RHI Magnesita, Vienna

"For RHI Magnesita as a global group and world market leader in the refractories sector for industrial high-temperature processes above 1,200 °C, permanent adherence to embargoes, export controls and financial sanctions are among the most important compliance issues. Against this background, we commissioned Hagemann Trade Compliance Consulting to analyse our group-wide export control in terms of organisation, roles, responsibilities, procedures and SAP processes, to identify possible improvements and to implement these together with us. For this purpose, Mr. Hagemann spent about four months on site at our headquarters.

Together with Hagemann Trade Compliance Consulting, we were able to implement export control even more strongly across divisions and assign defined roles and responsibilities to the relevant group units in Austria and abroad. In this context, Mr. Hagemann was able to convince as an expert and trainer for Trade Compliance Management Systems as well as through his practice-oriented solutions and processes. We will be happy to work with him in the future as well, if required".

Gerhard Donner, Chief Compliance Officer

D. Swarovski KG, Wattens, Austria

„Against the background of constantly evolving structures and product portfolios, we wanted to ensure that we could continue to comply with all trade compliance regulations at our central production site in Wattens. For this reason, we have appointed Hagemann Trade Compliance Consulting to carry out a comprehensive audit of the existing responsibilities and processes for customs law, foreign trade law and export control. Mr. Hagemann spent more than nine months here on site. Together, we also carried out several trade compliance-relevant master data analyses, from which important optimization options could be derived. As a result, with Hagemann Trade Compliance Consulting we were able to further improve our trade compliance organization and processes and clearly specify the corresponding roles and responsibilities. Mr. Hagemann was able to convince us with his professional expertise and pragmatic solution approaches. He was a valued contact person for Trade Compliance across all departments. We will be happy to continue working with Mr. Hagemann in the future if required."

Wolf-Dietrich Plattner, authorized signatory and head of customs


Starting point of our cooperation with Hagemann Trade Compliance Consulting was that we wanted our company-wide export control to have analysed by an external specialist and respective improvements of it if necessary. For this purpose, Mr. Hagemann spent a little more than two months with us on site. Together, we conducted a detailed cross-departmental analysis of existing roles, responsibilities, documents, workflows, and IT processes for export control. Parallel and with a global view, the Group-wide roles, responsibilities, standards and reporting lines for export control were precisely worked out in close coordination with the management and anchored in appropriate policies in writing.
We were very satisfied with the fast progress of the project, the pragmatic improvements at a high level and the convincing expertise of Mr. Hagemann. We look forward to continuing our cooperation with him in the future.

Martin Pohner, Department Head and Export Control Officer for the SEW Group

COBUS Industries GmbH

“Mr. Hagemann had been consulting us for several weeks on site to analyse and improve our trade compliance management systems for export control. Together, we were able to redesign crucial roles, responsibilities and processes, thereby establishing an efficient and secure export control in the company. We got to know Mr. Hagemann as a competent trade compliance consultant, who proposes and implements pragmatic solutions with a high level of detailed knowledge.”

Dennis Tlatlik, CFO and Compliance Officer

 Theo Förch GmbH & Co. KG

“Mr. Hagemann has elaborated our work and organizational instruction for export control and rewritten basic trade compliance documents. The advantages of his on-site consultation became clear during his stay of several weeks with us: Highly detailed understanding of our processes, products, IT systems and organizational structure. This enabled Mr. Hagemann to identify optimization potentials and to implement tailor-made and at the same time pragmatic solutions in the field of export control in close cooperation.
We look forward to continuing our cooperation with Dirk Hagemann in the future to improve our trade compliance systems."

Matthias Pfleger, Trade Compliance Manager

Munich Electronic Company GmbH

“During his time with us on-site, Mr. Hagemann developed and implemented a lean and, above all, tailor-made Trade Compliance Management System with a lot of know-how and a very pragmatic approach. As the person responsible for exports, I have the reassuring confidence to the best of my knowledge and belief that export control is now excellently organized in our company. I strongly recommend Mr. Hagemann as a competent Trade Compliance Consultant.”
Irina Jank, Managing Director


THM Recycling Solutions GmbH

“Hagemann Trade Compliance Consulting was for a Trade Compliance workshop with us on-site. In one day we were able to discuss all questions related to customs, export control and foreign trade law for a specific machine delivery to a third country. Mr. Hagemann has consulted us in a competent and practical manner. Also for the future he will be our first point of contact for Trade Compliance.”
Yvonne Ehehalt-Hüber, Prokuristin


Konrad Hornschuch AG, Hornschuch Group

"Dirk Hagemann combines a high level of professional expertise with a highly practical approach to problem solving. I can warmly recommend him both personally and as a consultant for trade compliance.”
Sascha Groeninger, Compliance Officer

CPG Engineering & Commercial GmbH

“I got to know Mr. Hagemann as an efficient specialist for foreign trade laws, embargoes and trade compliance. In my role as Head of Export Control and Customs Procedures, I will be happy to work again with Mr. Hagemann when required."
Knut Engelbrecht, Commercial Manager