HTCC Hagemann Trade Compliance Consulting is an owner-managed company for organizational, process and compliance consulting in foreign trade.

Trade Compliance: Correct and appropriate measures

Trade Compliance – in the sense of concrete measures – stands for a regulation- and value-oriented organization in order to fulfil the obligation of legality in foreign trade.

This gives rise to the question of the "right" and "appropriate" compliance measures and how they are to be implemented in the company.

HTCC supports you in these challenges.


  • You can save time. And nerves.
  • The project "Establishment / Improvement of the Trade Compliance System" is completed quickly and efficiently. With the objective point of view of an external person.
  • Your operational import and export processes can continue undisturbed. Employees are not "subtracted" from a project.
On-Site Consulting

Hagemann Trade Compliance Consulting advises, supports and relieves you on-site.

This means that an improved trade compliance system can be developed and implemented together with the management, executive staff and local employees within a certain period of time (days, weeks, months).

This means for you:

  • Highly individual and customized Trade Compliance System.
  • Permanent contact person and trainer on site.
  • Consideration of different interests: Management, middle management, employees. In particular, the experience and input of the line employees is an often-underestimated added value in designing a trade compliance system.
    Key word: „Tone from the top and solutions from the bottom“.