M&A Trade Compliance Due Diligence

Hagemann Trade Compliance Consulting advises, supports and relieves M&A firms and M&A consultants in analyzing and evaluating the trade compliance risks of the target in relation to mergers and acquisitions on a goods, countries, persons, organization and transactions-related basis.

Case Study:

Chinese company acquires German technology company to transfer high technology to China. Previously, the German company had only exported the technology to its EU subsidiaries. No approval was required for this. There was no experience with technology transfer to China.

The Trade Compliance Due Diligence showed that the export of the technology to China is subject to approval. Preliminary enquiries to the competent authority for export control led to planning certainty for the deal under export law. At the same time, the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy confirmed the cross-sectoral harmlessness of the company acquisition. Due to the Trade Compliance Due Diligence, these and other export risks were included in the valuation of the purchase price.